Your life goals don’t have an expiration date [infographic]

Your life goals don’t have an expiration date [infographic]

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ALL OF MY FRIENDS managed to graduate college and land cushy jobs the year before the recession of 2008 hit. I wasn’t so lucky. I graduated right when it happened, and as I neared 25, realizing I had nothing significant to show for my life, I began to think that the integral nature of those first post-graduate years had been lost to me. It sucked.

Now I’m 26, and I’m a Managing Editor for Matador, I’ve published my first eBook, and I just got engaged. It’s proof that life goals have no expiration date — if you want to achieve something badly enough, it can happen. It might take you longer than you thought, or it might happen at a different time in your life, but age is just a number we shouldn’t take so seriously. It’s what we do with our lives, that matters.

Check out this infographic if you need further reassurance.

Image via Funders and Founders Notes.

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