Skiing October powder in Fernie, BC [VID]

Skiing October powder in Fernie, BC [VID]

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While most resorts are just getting ready for the winter, those lucky enough to call Fernie home are already getting faceshots. Fernie local and Matador Ambassador Dylan Siggers got to enjoy an early-season pow day with no one around but a few friends.

Skier: Dylan Siggers Photo:Dan Evans

I GREW UP in Fernie, BC over the past 19 years and still live here. I started skiing the local mountains when I was two. Skiing has always been a way of life for me, primarily as a result of my dad being a life-long ski bum and the incredible mountains I am surrounded by.

I got into making videos pretty early on, around the age of 10 or 11. Eventually this turned into me making skiing and biking videos of my friends, which then turned into making videos for our sponsors, and finally into a job.

At the core of everything, it has always been, and remains, about being in the mountains with my friends. This day, along with every day we are out in the mountains, is dedicated to our good buddy Will, who was always having more fun than everyone else.

* * *

[Editor’s note: To see some action from last season at Fernie and nearby BC mountains, check out Powder Highway, an original Matador mini-series.]

* * *

This post was produced in partnership with our friends at Gerber, whose gear is stoking out the Matador Ambassadors.



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