Salomon’s free-skiers tear up Fjord Norway’s fresh pow [vid]

Salomon’s free-skiers tear up Fjord Norway’s fresh pow [vid]

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Back in the day, kings and celebrities flocked to Norway’s fjords on ocean-liners to explore the mountains rising straight out of the sea. Eventually, the flood of royalty dwindled, and some of the ships were replaced by old fishing boats small enough to get direct access to the mountains, transporting a new kind of celebrity into the backcountry: sponsored free-skiers.

For free-skiers, direct access translates to tight couloirs and steep-as-shit faces. Their goofy grins suggest that even the climb to the top is a small price to pay for sick headwalls, deep fluff, and long runouts.

These guys appear to have been seduced by the legend that if you get naked and jump into the sea, you’ll be rewarded with untracked lines. Superstition? You decide.

Watch the video: Salomon Freeski TV, Season 7, Episode 2 - Fjord: Norway


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