16 floating and swim-up bars [PICS]

16 floating and swim-up bars [PICS]

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Here are 16 floating and swim-up bars from around the world.

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Four Seasons Resort: Wailea, Hawaii

Here's the view you can enjoy from the resort's adults-only infinity pool and swim-up bar. Photo: Rick Bucich.


Intercontinental Tahiti Resort: French Polynesia

What else could make an infinity pool better than to put a bar next to it? Photo: thelastminute.


Soggy Dollar Bar: Jost Van Dyke, Britsh Virgin Islands

Boats can drop anchor nearby, but you'll have to swim there. Leaving your dollars soggy, which is what gives the bar its name. Photo: ornoth.


William Thornton Floating Bar and Restaurant: Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Commonly known as Willie T's, the 100 foot schooner is open for lunch, where things are calm and relaxed. At night, judging from the website, it becomes a party spot with body shots and a strong possibility of nudity. Photo: ttrygve.


Blue Lagoon: Iceland

While you're hanging out in the steamy seawater of the Blue Lagoon that reportedly does all kinds of good things for your skin, you can amp your relaxation with a beverage.Photo: sue_n_alex


Naviti Resort: Fiji

As the photographer said about the Naviti Resort: "The bar was cool and Fiji beer was surprisingly good." Photo: Marty Horell


The Floating Bar: Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Philippines

The Floating Bar is a great place from which to snorkel and sunbath during the day. Photo: yoodz.


The Floating Bar: Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Philippines

It's also a great spot to watch the sunset. Photo: James Gagen.


Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort: Costa Rica

Drink up at the hot springs resort in 100 degrees F (39 degrees C) spring-fed water from the nearby Arenal volcano, seen in the background here. Photo: TheLawleys


Hard Rock Hotel: Las Vegas, Nevada

Only in Vegas can you swim up to both the bar and blackjack tables. Photo: hannah.saks


Four Seasons Resort Maui: Wailea, Hawaii

If you tire of the infinity pool in #1, swim to the bar in the grotto of another pool at the resort. And if you tire of the pool, check out our Budget Travel Guide to Maui. Photo: coprtopd


Grace Hotel: New York City, New York

The only swim-up bar in the city is 40 feet long, at the Grace Hotel in the heart of Midtown. Photo: Room Mate Hotels


Jicoo Floating Bar: Tokyo, Japan

Jicoo was designed by an anime cartoonist. The futuristic looking bar traverses Tokyo Bay from Hiriode Pier and Odaiba. When you're back on land and if you're feeling hungry, you can always try all of the 10 Ramen Shops in Tokyo Worth Visiting. Photo: tufanozer

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